Flexible Data Solutions Made Simple!

Welcome to Tallgrass Solutions

Companies that effectively harvest their Big Data reap the benefits of the information hidden within and flourish like tall grass in a fertile field. Tallgrass Solutions is founded on the principle that mining any type of data allows companies to leverage their information and empowers critical decision making. And publishing results should be done in a simple and highly visual fashion.

Since 2003 Tallgrass Solutions has assisted companies in targeted data tracking and analysis generating millions of dollars through informed decision making. Our solutions allow businesses like yours to aggregate and analyze complex data and deliver straightforward information that yields measurable bottom line opportunity.

While our products and services are simple in concept, our technologies are anything but standard top-down software. We turn complicated data challenges into simple answers. Our approach is sophisticated and unique, focusing first on where data answers are hidden – in the details!

Our Services
Our process introduces common sense and experience to technology in creating applications customized to your specific business needs.
Manage Capital
Our Capital Management Program is a proprietary compliance process fueled by tactical analysis and features alert dashboard monitoring.
Data Analysis
Our Proprietary and customizable processes adjust, along with your business, to provide you with a clear tactical view of your data.
Cost Reduction
Our team has the knowledge and experience to investigate and identify areas of cost reduction and monitor compliance.
Our Clients